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So essentially what do we do

Put simply bpositive is a healthcare company that is focused on making a positive impact together…with out customers 

To start with we are launching our medical range. These are products which you would find in a hospital or GP setting. Predominately medical consumables like wound care, bandaging and masks.  We have included a few images as a sneak peak to the launch.  

Later in the year we will be launching our personal healthcare products. We are developing products which support both body and brain health. We feel there is a lot of focus on things that help your body but there is nothing out there which is focusing on nutrition to help our brains function better.  

The concept of brain health maybe new. In the future we will get some health care professionals to help explain what things we need for good brain health. Our brain is pretty important right…so we better make sure we do all we can to make it healthy.