Imagine a world that everyone is Healthy and Positive.

This is why we set up this company.

High quality products. Reasonable prices. Donations for every product sold. This way, we support you and the community you care about.

We are not your typical healthcare company. For us, people are before profits and prevention is better than cure.


You do an awesome job supporting patients.

We want to help you make that journey as easy as possible with our products.

We are determined to make a positive impact on the medical industry. Putting people before profit through buy1help1.

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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy our products to think, feel and perform better.

BPositive. Be your best. Support your body.








Our vitamin range has been developed to support your body and brain health. We included all the necessary ingredient that can help you function better—from reducing stress and anxiety, to improving mood, concentration, immunity, and muscle performance.


Deep down we all want to make each other happy by giving

Good thing is, we make it easy for you. Every product purchased by you helps someone else through our buy1help1 initiative

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Enjoy a boost of positivity—hear from the people who have had positive results with our products!

Excellent products and good packaging. ​ -- Toogood Road Family Medical Centre, QLD


The soft + flexible pad 5 x 7cm was excellent as it was noticeably softer and more comfortable compared to the product we usually use. The quality was excellent. ​ -- Taree Medical Centre, NSW ​


bpositive bandages conforms very well. Patient feels comfortable and it is less bulky so it conceals well under clothing. ​ -- Singapore General Hospital, Singapore ​


The beauty of bpositive film dressing is that it seems to keep exudate within, no wetness on surface. ​ -- KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore ​


We would recommend bpositive Absorbent Non-Adherent Dressing since bpositive products absorb more wound blood & wound extrude compared to others brand. ​ -- Registered Pharmacist, Malaysia ​


I always use bpositive Water & Bacteria Proof Dressing for my patients. The dressing hastens the wound recovery speed & makes my patients feel comfortable each time before & after dressing. ​ -- Registered Medical Practitioners, Malaysia ​


bpositive bandages give me better durability & support for me after each session of training. ​ -- Professional Badminton Player, Malaysia ​


We would recommend bpositive products, buy1help1, we help the patients meanwhile we also help the society. ​ -- Caring Pharmacy Pharmacist, Malaysia ​


I just like bpositive products since each round after using bpositive dressing, I don’t feel discomfort, all the wound discharge & wound blood is completely absorbed by bpositive Absorbent Dressing. It is amazing! ​ -- Woundcare Patients, Malaysia ​


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