A healthcare company that makes a positive impact together

What is our purpose?

We like to call it Collective Wellness.

Everything we do is to help others become healthier, hopeful and happier.

What is our mission?

To make a positive impact together.

What are our values?

Be positive, focused, determined and worldly.

Founder's Insights

In Their Own Words

Meet our Team

We think we’re cool (you might, too).

We’re super diverse—our team serendipitously came together from around the world.

We love how that happened. We work from home, from shared offices, and coffee shops. As we don’t have a water cooler, we sometimes send each other links to funny dog videos—you should try it. It makes people smile a lot more than office gossip.


Founder & Managing Director

Wei Beng

RAQA Consultant


Brand Manager


Operations and Logistics


Business Development​


Meet our Advisory Board

You can’t be the leader unless you’re a pro.

That’s why we put together an incredible Advisory Board to help develop our products.

Our board consists of a nutritionist, nurse, doctor, even a pharmacist. We felt that snake oil and pseudo-science were getting old. Science and real health benefits are a lot more cool, in our opinion.

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